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Why the Kids Must Be Front and Centre Following a Separation

When two adults who were previously in a relationship find that they have drifted apart, then in an ideal world they will settle their differences, make appropriate arrangements and move on. This is often easier said than done, however, and disagreements can often lead to a protracted and unpleasant division. Still, if there were no children involved then there's less pressure to come to a conclusion because, in this situation, the law is particularly clear. The needs of the children need to be front and centre, so if you have kids to consider as part of your separation, what do you need to bear in mind?

Understanding the Magnitude

Nobody wants their affairs to go in front of a court at any time, but if the two adults cannot come to an agreement about the future of the relationship, then a court can and will intervene. These adults have a legal responsibility as there are a variety of different laws to consider that deal with parenting matters and related court orders.

Time to Focus

The adults in this situation will need to figure out what is stopping them from moving towards an agreement. Often, the issue will be related to commingled resources, but they will need to put this to one side and come up with a practical plan to look after their kids first. Ideally, they should share responsibility when it comes to not only living arrangements but also the child's education and long-term care.

Travel Complications

Sometimes, one of the adults will want to get as far away from the other as possible and will be planning a move to another state or territory. This can introduce further complications as the child will need to spend a significant or substantial portion of their time with each parent. Careful attention will need to be given to the schedule, especially when it comes to significant holidays or other traditional family gatherings. Certainly, the child in question can always keep in touch with the other parent through digital communication, but they will need to spend time on a face-to-face basis as well.

Getting Advice

It can be difficult to come up with a meaningful plan when you are so close to the source of the disagreement and have so many other things on your mind. It's very important, therefore, to bring in a family lawyer who can help to sort everything out in the eyes of the law.