Blending It Up: Estate Planning and Your New Blended Family

As you began the journey of a new life together, estate planning might have the last thing on your mind. However, whilst settling into your new lives together, you and your spouse may start to think about what would happen if one or both of you passed away. It's important to work on estate planning to make sure that everyone -- whether they're yours, theirs or both of yours -- are provided for fairly and in the way that you both want. [Read More]

How Courts Are Taking a Softer Approach to Custody

When two people who were previously in a settled relationship decide to go their separate ways, the repercussions can be widespread. In particular, the children can be badly affected and their welfare will be a focus of attention as formal proceedings begin. While such discussions used to be referred to as custody battles, these days courts have a much softer approach. What do you need to know? The Softer Approach [Read More]

How to Make Sure That You Set up Your Family's Estate Correctly When Making a Major Purchase

A family unit should always aim to be as cohesive as possible. This applies to everyday life and planning, but it should also apply to estate affairs when the breadwinners pass away. While this can be a difficult situation to address, it's nevertheless important for the whole family to consider how any major purchases could affect them all in such a situation. When buying an investment property, therefore, how should you proceed? [Read More]

How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made When Buying a House

Buying a home is one of the biggest leaps in a human life. It is a significant investment both financially and emotionally, so one must be very careful. Unfortunately, many people get carried away at the moment and make major mistakes that lead to loss of money and emotional distress later on. If you want to ensure your purchase is worth it, here are some of the steps you must follow: [Read More]