Family Law: Child Custody Agreements

If you are in the process of getting divorced, one of the most important things to decide is who will have custody of your children. This can be a difficult decision, and it is important to create a child custody agreement that works for everyone involved. This blog post answers some questions so you can create a custody agreement that will meet your children's needs and keep everyone happy. Read on to discover more! [Read More]

Can You Protect an Inheritance Prior to or Following Separation?

When two people in a relationship argue, money is often at the centre. Such an argument can become serious and protracted where the sum of money is significant, and this can certainly lead to a court case following separation. So what should you do if you expect to get an inheritance at some stage in the future? Also, what will happen if you receive that inheritance after a recent separation? [Read More]

Why You Require a Lawyer to Draft Your Will

Contemplating getting started creating your will? About half of Australians don't have a legally binding will, meaning they risk dying intestate. When a person dies intestate, the estate and inheritance laws of their specific state or territory will be used to determine how their wealth and assets should be distributed. This may not always conform to the wishes of the deceased person.  To ensure your estate will be shared according to your specific instructions when you die, it's important to create a valid will. [Read More]

Do You Have a Small Business Startup? 3 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Lawyer

Venturing into business is exciting. You get an opportunity to bring an idea to life and solve a problem for your clients. However, you should follow the right processes to ensure that your dream turns into a multi-million business empire. One of the things to always remember is that society has become quite litigious. Your business might fail if you make a small mistake during the setup when hiring employees and other initial stages of business development. [Read More]